How Closely Does Your Yoga Outfit Resemble An 80’s Costume?

When you get dressed for your yoga class, do you ever look in the mirror and laugh at its uncanny resemblance to the workout clothing of yesteryear? The cyclical nature of top fashion trends leaves us cringing for just a short while before we adopt the same trend again decades later. Many yogis are now beginning to take note of how closely their own workout clothing resembles the forefront of fashion from the ‘80s. 

How closely does your outfit resemble the ‘80s costumes for working out? Find out which pieces of clothing you may be wearing that are a definite throwback to an earlier era.

  • Leggings

It’s no secret that one of the primary features of a workout costume from the ‘80s were the fluorescent leggings, worn by both women and men. Eye-catching shades were the primary preferences when it came to donning workout apparel, with the tightest and brightest leggings being the most popular. Many even featured bold patterns, prints, and other features that just a few years ago would have made us laugh. 

Now, we see the same leggings making a comeback on the modern-day yoga fashion scene. While the iridescent and fluorescent shades have yet to rise to fame as they did in the ‘80s, leggings are the preference for many yogis. Solid colors, especially black, are the first choice but many are becoming confident enough to make bolder fashion choices with bright colors and patterns as well. 

  • Leotards

The ‘80s brought with them a vast collection of high-waisted leotards to ensure that the maximum amount of legging was visible. They were often paired with the brightly colored leggings in similar shades, some of which made us cringe at their abandonment of traditional color theory. If the goal was to create the most outstanding outfit, the leotard was definitely the finishing touch. 

Today, not many yogis wear the leotards that former workout enthusiasts were known for. However, they do tend towards tighter-fitting athletic tops or crop tops. Both of these choices allow for the largest amount of legging to be shown, similar to the prominent styles of the ‘80s. 

  • Headbands

For women, the final touch was the headband to hold back voluminous waves of hair. It was also found in neon colors to tie together all of the other accessories of the outfit: wristbands, sweatbands, and sneakers. Rarely were these head ornaments considered plain pieces that were just casually thrown together with the outfit. 

Today’s athletic apparel manufacturers often create their own line of headbands, complete with patterns and different styles that weren’t so readily available in the ‘80s. In fact, in many ways, today’s styles are an improvement over the shortage of headbands that were seen in the prior decades. Yogis can choose from a colorful array of prints and patterns, all specifically designed with your movement in mind. 

As the years pass, previous styles resurface with a vengeance. If you look carefully enough, you may begin to see the styles of the ‘80s shining through your yogi’s wardrobe.

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