Yoga Pants: The Trend That’s Here to Stay

Thanks to women’s desire to feel comfortable while looking chic and sporty at the same time, yoga pants are no longer reserved for the gym or running weekend errands. They are now considered “athleisure,” a new term for casual, comfortable clothing designed for both exercise and everyday wear.

Gone are the days of yoga pants and other activewear are now considered “office casual.” This means you can hit yoga class on your lunch break then head right back to work still wearing your yoga pants. Or sneak in an early Sunday morning workout before heading straight to brunch in a trendy pair of leggings and top knot to hide your sweaty hair.

Athleisure is a fairly new term so it might still seem like yoga pants aren’t appropriate, but it’s true that beloved jeans are being replaced.

Now that athleisure has been on the up-trend for a few years, it seems safe to say that comfort-forward fashion doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. Traditional clothing companies are adding yoga pants and other activewear to their lines, creating new clothing options that allow you to wear them all day without compromising fashion or sophistication.

There are plenty of critics of the yoga pant and athleisure trends, but the fitness community continues to prevail. Yoga pants have officially become a staple wardrobe piece that also makes a statement when dressed up appropriately. When you have the option of going to work or brunch in tight, structured clothing or pairing yoga pants with a lightweight, breathable blazer and a statement necklace for a mix of comfort and fashion, who wouldn’t choose the latter? Studio to street fashion has arrived and it’s here to stay.

The bottom line is: comfort has become our first priority, and that’s ok. Check out this video by ELLE to learn how to style your yoga pants for work.

A Short Meditation Guide


Today I want to build a meditation guide to accompany your yoga practice. This is nothing spiritual and it doesn’t have to be practiced any specific way. Just do what feels most natural and comfortable for you. Find a safe space, and embrace the security of this moment. This practice is designed to assist you as you seek inner calm and self-discovery.

First, I want you to focus on your breath. Inhale and exhale. Inhale and exhale.With each inhalation, imagine positive sparks entering your body, rejuvenating your lungs so that they can breathe more fully. With each exhalation, discard any remnants of self-doubt from within, cleansing the body of its insecurities.

Next, repeat this phrase in your head, or even out loud: I AM ENOUGH.

You are just the way you are supposed to be. No matter how today goes or how yesterday went or how tomorrow will go, things will happen as they are meant to. Many things are out of your control, but you control your reactions to what happens around you. You belong to yourself. Whenever you feel like others are looking down on you, remember this phrase. When life comes crashing down around you, repeat this to yourself. You can endure because it is what you were made to do.

Now, repeat the phrase: I AM STRONG.

Picture a waterfall, a stream careening off of a cliff and falling toward the pool below. In that current, there is a force that cannot be stopped. That same force from within the earth is within you, a human of the earth. Your strength comes from a root of self-knowledge that is enhanced the more time you spend with yourself. From a depth many overlook or choose to ignore, we tap into that current of strength which we can use to fuel our determination and willpower to succeed.

Lastly, repeat this phrase: I AM HERE.

This phrase is potentially the most powerful of all. Feel the ground beneath your feet. Embrace the energy pulsing through the earth. Solid ground is reassuring, comforting. Listen to the silence around you, or the noise. The air is holding you up. Here in this moment, stay present. Focus back on the inhalations and exhalations, the breath. In and out, in and out. Here you are. You are on this earth. You are in this body. You are a human being and you have a purpose. You are here.

Here’s a meditation music video that might help you relax even more.

5 Tips for Cleaning Your Workout Clothing

Cleaning workout clothing after a long session of yoga is a chore that not many want to do. However, you should be cleaning your workout clothing because doing this can keep them in great shape. Workout clothing can be very expensive, so taking care of your workout clothes is important. For great quality, inexpensive & fashionable workout leggings, click here.

Taking care of your workout clothing is no different from caring for your other clothing, but there are special ways that you can take care of your workout clothing. Here are five important tips to help you make your workout clothing cleaning easier.

1. Stop Using Fabric Softener on Workout Clothing

Most workout clothing uses wicking technology to remove sweat from your skin when you are working out. Fabric softener could prevent the wicking technology from working, and it can also lock in the smells. Workout clothing is made from delicate materials, so you should make sure that you are following the care labels when you are washing your clothing.

2. Avoid Extra Detergent to Clean Your Clothing

This seems like the best option to get your clothing clean. However, you should avoid adding extra detergent to your load. Using too much detergent in your washing machine can stop the machine from working. These machines are designed to process a specific amount of detergent. So, too little detergent will not work, and too much can ruin your clothing. Too much detergent can also lead to mildew growth on your clothing.

3. You Should Never Let Your Workout Clothing Sit in Your Bag

When you get home, you should take your workout clothing out of your bag. This will help the clothes air dry. Once you have time to air dry some clothes, you should turn them inside out and put them in your washing machine. Workout clothing should be washed in cold water with a bit of vinegar. Vinegar can help get rid of most unwanted smells.

4. Removing Odors and Bacteria

After using your workout clothing and bag for some time, there will be bacteria embedded within the fabric, and the bacteria will create a bad smell. Most of the time, throwing the clothes and the bag in the wash may not get rid of the bacteria or the smell from the fabric. However, there are washing products that are designed to remove the bacteria and smell from your clothing. So, these treatments will sanitize the items.

However, you should only be using these products once in a while because they can be very harsh and could damage these fabrics. So, you should make sure that you are following instructions to help you avoid ruining your clothes.

5. Air Dry

After washing your workout clothing, you should hang them and let them air dry. Drying workout clothing in the dryer can cause heat damage and shrinkage. Some workout clothing will need to be laid flat to dry. The best option will depend on the piece of clothing, and the recommended method of cleaning will be on the care tag.

Your clothing is important, so taking care of workout clothing is key to making them last a long time. Cleaning your clothing does not need to be a huge chore, but you need to do it for hygienic reasons.