The Art Of Mindfulness – Thinking

Our mind is continuously making new thoughts. We cannot shut it down; minute by minute, we subconsciously jump from one topic to another losing focus on some of the most important tasks that we are supposed to be concentrating on at that moment and time. Sometimes, what we are constantly thinking is of no importance to our lives; just pointless streams of thoughts that make no sense at present. Sometimes, we are planning about our future or even thinking about what the boss said at work that got us upset. It is normal for all of us, and it is okay. It is a natural process ingrained in each one of us and helps us survive as humans, but sometimes, what we are constantly thinking can be the cause of our pain. It is mostly seen in situations where we are worried about the future, a circumstance that, though deep down, we know we have no control over. We keep on worrying about it to the point that we aren’t able to focus on what is in front of us.

Mindfulness is the process of being aware of your thoughts throughout the day and being able to control your focus into what one is doing at present. Being able to focus on what you choose and filtering out unwanted feelings or even observing your thoughts without judgment is a skill that can be learned by anyone.

It has scientifically been proven that practicing mindfulness can reduce the levels of anxiety, fear, and depression. Besides these psychological benefits, it has also been proven to help those who are ill to have a better perspective of their situation, thereby reducing the suffering and the time taken to heal. Combining all these factors contribute to a healthy self, which, in turn, contribute to our productivity in whatever we are doing.

As with any set of skills, mindfulness requires putting in hours of work in order to master it. The beginning point of acquiring this skill is deciding to start. One should be able to determine the right type of clothing to wear during meditation practice, and also, the set of training to be undertaken should not compromise your health.

It is imperative for one to dress appropriately while doing this exercise. It is recommended that the clothes worn during this exercise should be flexible, comfortable, and non-sweaty. The clothes should also be appropriate. The most common outfits worn by ladies are tank tops and tees and leggings.

Having dressed appropriately, it is now time for practicing mindfulness meditation.

The steps of a simple mindfulness technique are as follows:

  • A Good Environment- This is very important since your surroundings may affect how successful one will be in doing mindfulness meditation. One should ensure that the place or environment is distraction free, and one can concentrate. One should also ensure that external influence, such as mobile phones, are not around to avoid distraction.
  • The next thing is one need to be as comfortable as possible. Ensure that in whichever position you are in, you can focus on the task ahead without distraction.
  • Take deep breaths, and as you do that, observe your thoughts. The easiest way to do this is just to let go of everything and only concentrate on breathing. When distracting thoughts arise while meditating, do not focus on them; instead, continue with the relaxation exercise through the breath. After a while, you will notice that your body is calm, and you are aware of every thought, and although you cannot shut the thoughts, you can focus and let them disappear as new ones are formed.

In conclusion, the above is the simplest form of mindfulness meditation. By practicing the above steps at one’s own free time, the skill is developed, and one is able to practice mindfulness anywhere and at any time. I, in turn, contribute to an individuals’ productivity and overall psychological health.

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