The Best Yoga Asanas for Runners

Running and jogging are great ways to be fit and stay in shape. Still, it can put a lot of pressure on your knees and lead to injuries if your body is not well-prepared. These yoga poses presented below will help you avoid such issues and they will provide the necessary body flexibility to assist you during a race. 

#1. Garland Pose –Squat

This yoga squat resembles a classic fitness squat. There are some differences that reflect the way you must maintain your body’s balance. To begin, sit in a squat position where your knees must be over your toes. This is quite different from a normal squat. The Garland Pose-Squat should create a 45-degree angle, instead of 90-degree, between your legs and the midline. Hold your palms together like in a prayer and keep your heels off the ground while supporting your body on your toes. Don’t worry if you cannot do it from the first time. Begin with your heels down and lift them up once you gain a little more experience. Hold this asana for ten breaths. 

#2. Locust Asana

This is an essential yoga asana for all runners. Lie down on your abdomen. Lift your upper body while bringing your hands straight in front of your upper body. Your palms should face the floor. You can also do this pose by stretching your arms back. Also, try to lift your legs and maintain your lower and upper body lifted simultaneously. The only parts remaining on the mat as a support should be your upper thighs and abdomen. It might look easy but it is quite challenging especially because you must hold this pose for up to ten breaths. Also, the ideal situation is for you to repeat this runners’ asana three times. 

#3. Boat Pose

If you’re familiar with crunches, then the boat pose will seem easy to do. It is true that this pose is more difficult than a simple crunch because it engages the entire body, not just the core area. Sit down on the mat and create a V shape with your body. One side is formed by the torso and the other V side will be created by your legs. First, lift your legs off the ground, and then keep them stretched out while pointing your toes towards the ceiling. Tighten up your abs and maintain your hands in front of your chest with palms facing up. Hold this pose for about 15 seconds, and do at least three repetitions. 

#4. Dancer Asana

Stand up tall and bring your right leg back while bending your knee. Grab your ankle with your right arm. The left arm should be lifted in front while you push your right leg back as far away from your torso as possible without letting go of your ankle. Hold the dancer pose for at least five breaths before releasing it. This is a great position that improves your balance, which leads to a more efficient run and fewer injuries.

Summing It Up

You should try the yoga poses mentioned above if you want to reach the next level on your running game. These asanas are practiced even by professional athletes that want to avoid knee or joint injuries. As a matter of fact, these poses will strengthen you physically and mentally.

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